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Heartworm Screening Test

Heartworms, also known by the scientific name Dirofilaria Immitis, are parasites that can spread to your pet through a bite from an infected mosquito. This infection should be taken very seriously. Once they enter your pet’s blood, the larvae grow into adult worms after seven months and can lay thousands more larvae. The worms can enter the heart and pulmonary arteries and can then cause serious complications, including death.

How is this disease diagnosed?

Since symptoms are not apparent at the time of an infestation and they take several months to appear, a screening test is used to determine whether your pet has heartworms. Thanks to our on-site laboratory, we will have the results quickly.

Signs to look out for are difficulty breathing, coughing, weight loss, severe fatigue and difficulty doing daily exercises.

Is there an effective treatment against heartworms?

Because they are situated in the delicate blood vessels and arteries of the heart and lungs, heartworms are tricky but not impossible to treat. It will depend on the stage of the infection and a pet’s overall condition. We strongly suggest administering an antiparasitic drug to your pet, from around May to November, as a preventative treatment. Several options are available on the market. Our team will be more than happy to offer advice about the best products for your precious pet.