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Blood Work

Thanks to its on-site laboratory, our clinic quickly receives blood test results. These analyses help the veterinary team to make appropriate recommendations regarding the overall state of your pet’s health.

Why should my pet have blood work done?

The physical examination done by the veterinarian and their team does not always reveal all of your pet’s possible health issues. Blood work is used to complete or confirm hypotheses for diagnosing an illness or to follow up on one or several of your pet’s medical conditions. Blood tests can also play a key role in the prevention of certain illnesses, or they may be done based on your pet’s age.

How often should blood work be done?

If your pet has a fever, vomiting, loss of appetite or any other unusual sign of weakness, blood work will be performed to determine the cause. If your companion has to undergo surgery, a blood sample will also be taken to verify their overall health and to detect a possible blood clotting disorder. Annual blood work is suggested for older pets, starting at the age of seven. As always, your veterinarian will offer advice about what is best for your pet.

How do I interpret the results of my pet’s blood work?

Your veterinarian will take care of interpreting the results of blood tests because various factors are at play, such as your companion’s age, breed, sex, lifestyle, medical history and symptoms. Feel free to discuss your concerns or questions with them.

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